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Problems That Your Home's Boiler May Experience

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Your home's boiler system will be an integral part of keeping your home warm throughout the long winter months. Yet, a homeowner that is not especially familiar with these heating systems can be at a disadvantage when addressing the problems that could arise and prevent it from generating heat.

Air Pockets

Individuals often assume that all boilers generate steam to warm a home. However, this is typically not the case with modern units. In fact, these systems will warm water to just below the boiling point, and this will be used to distribute heat. As a result, air pockets getting stuck in the tubing or radiators for the boiler can severely reduce the heat output, as there will be far less water that can circulate. Often, these air pockets will form from a seal failing and allowing air to be pulled into the system. If this problem occurs, you will have to remove the air from the system and address the seal. Falling to repair the source of the air pocket at the same time will simply allow the same problem to occur again.

Pump Failures

To circulate the water, the boiler will have a powerful pump. While the boiler pump will normally be a very reliable device, it can fail in response to wear and tear. This will stop the system from being able to circulate the warmth throughout the home. Not surprisingly, this pump can be among the most complex components of a modern boiler system. Due to this complexity, you should only allow a licensed boiler repair service to perform this work. Allowing someone that is not specifically experienced or trained with boiler repair to work on the pump can result in the damage being made far worse. In extreme cases, this may even result in the entire pump being replaced, which can be significantly more expensive than repairing it.

Electrical Malfunctions

While your boiler system will likely use oil or natural gas as a fuel source, the system will still have numerous electrical components as well. These can be sensors, the pump, thermostat or other performance-enhancing components. Luckily, it is often the case that these damages and problems will be fairly isolated and easy to repair. For example, a common source of electrical issues can be due to a faulty connection or wiring being damaged. Both of these problems can be quickly repaired by a boiler repair technician. Furthermore, they will be able to conduct an assessment to determine whether other components suffered damage as well.

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24 April 2020