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Energy can be obtained in so many different ways. Some plants burn coal to generate heat, which can be converted to electrical power. Other power plants harness the energy from flowing running water and convert that to electricity. The energy produced is essential for everything from baking bread to watching TV. If you're like most people, however, you don't know that much about how energy is produced or how those production processes affect the environment. Luckily, you've come to this website, where you can learn a lot more about those topics. We've compiled these articles to educate you, so start reading, and enjoy.

Toilets Backing Up? 3 Reasons You Might Be Facing The Problem


There may be nothing worse than dealing with a backed-up toilet. There's that dreaded moment when the water won't go down, followed by raw sewage rising up to the top. Even if the sewage doesn't pour out onto the floor, you still have to deal with it floating in the toilet bowl. Whether the sewage is on the floor or in the bowl, you'll still have a serious problem to contend with, not to mention the foul odor that will linger in your home. If your toilet has been backing up with every flush, it's time to call for professional assistance. If you're not sure what the problem is, here are three reasons your toilet might be backing up. 

Insufficient Pressure in Your Toilet

If you own an older home, and the toilets are backing up, the problem could stem from the age of the toilets. Around 1997, a new law required that homes be installed with low-flow toilets. While these low-flow toilets saved water, they lacked the pressure to flush properly. Unfortunately, that meant that people had to flush several times to get solids down the drain. As those early low-flow models age, they lose even more pressure, which leads to the increased occurrence of backups and clogs. If you have an early model low-flow toilet in your home, have it replaced as quickly as possible. 

Build Up of Non-Flushable Items

If it's been a while since you had your drains cleaned, and your family has a habit of flushing non-flushable items down the toilet, you could have a buildup that led to the backups. You probably know that things like cotton swabs and cotton balls shouldn't be flushed down the toilets. However, you might not realize that some common bathroom items that are labeled safe for toilets aren't safe at all. Two of those items include baby wipes and sanitary bathroom wipes. Tampons are another problem item. If your family flushes any of these items down the toilet on a regular basis and you're dealing with a backup, you need to call for professional assistance right away. 

Something has Gotten Into Your Plumbing Vent

If you have an unprotected plumbing vent on your roof, there's a chance that the issues you're having with your toilet are stemming from that area of your home. Like the clean-out drain located on the ground, your plumbing vent needs to have a cover on it. Without proper cover, rodents and other pests can find their way into the pipes. Unfortunately, if they get stuck inside the pipes, they can cause serious plumbing issues, including toilet backups. A toilet backup service will be able to locate the problem and resolve the issue.


16 December 2019